Elizabeth Erwin Avatar
Elizabeth Erwin

I've had a great experience with Johnson Audiology. They are very informative and friendly and my audiologist, Darnell Scafe, has been wonderful. I had confidence in Darnell's ability to help... read more

Joan Lovell Avatar
Joan Lovell

Johnson Audiology has been a fabulous experience for me and my family. Makes me so much more confident and happy. I smile lots more now!

Dale Arp Avatar
Dale Arp

Dale Arp review This office is very accommodating, informative, and super friendly. One of the best experiences I've had at an audiology office, and the new hearing aids are fantastic.

Bobbie Burks Avatar
Bobbie Burks

Bobbie Burks I love my hearing aids! I tried Costco aids for 5 months and I was so frustrated. I was ready to totally give up on hearing aids but my son... read more

Chuck Masisak Avatar
Chuck Masisak

Wow, what a great group of ladies! They treated me as if they"ve known me all their lives. They were very professional yet so much fun. They put up with... read more

Duke Borchardt Avatar
Duke Borchardt

Duke Borchardt When I needed new hearing aids, I was directed to the Cartersville location (Aug 2018). I was met by Dr. Wade, and was quite impressed with her professionalism. I purchased... read more

Ashley Agee Avatar
Ashley Agee

They are truly a blessing in my family's lives. Great staff!

Colin Pagan Avatar
Colin Pagan

This is a nice place with really pleasant people. It is very worthwhile being a patron, and a wise way to spend your money.

Richard Becker Avatar
Richard Becker

I am very pleased with Johnson Audiology. They were very thorough in my exam. My new hearing aid is the best one I have had. I especially lik the rechargeable... read more

Linda Gossett Avatar
Linda Gossett

Dr. Kari is very caring and kind. She helped me hear my family. What a blessing!

Pamela Ploof Avatar
Pamela Ploof

I am a longterm patient of Johnson Audiology, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Billie Ransom Avatar
Billie Ransom

Johnson Audiology Patient Star


I'll tell you one thing about this place- it's the BEST!! It's been life-changing for me to come to Johnson Audiology. The hearing aids have been...
read more

Delores Carter Avatar
Delores Carter

This is a wonderful place. I love the people and the atmosphere is so peaceful. I really recommend this place. I was in paradise. Come one, come all to Johnson Audiology.

Wanda Cranmore Avatar
Wanda Cranmore

Before I got hearing aids, I was in the dark. I could not hear anything. Now, a light has turned on in my life. My hearing aids are my lifeline!... read more

Rhonda Foust Avatar
Rhonda Foust

These people are so wonderful and so much fun. I have the hearing implant N7. I really enjoy my it. So amazing. The girls here are very friendly and helpful."

Neal Brasfield Avatar
Neal Brasfield

I'm a firefighter/EMT in a metro Atlanta county. I have terrible tinnitus in my left ear and hearing loss due to my job-related activity. Worker's comp sent me to Johnson... read more

Charles Leatherwood Avatar
Charles Leatherwood

Charles Leatherwood Dr. Anna Wade is the best audiologist I have ever seen. She wears hearing aids, too, so she understands your hearing problems.

Harold Cooling Avatar
Harold Cooling

The attitudes of the staff are excellent! Kaitlan is the funny clown in the group. If anyone is not happy after dealing with Kailan, they will NEVER be a happy... read more

Charles Hendrickson Avatar
Charles Hendrickson

Dr. Megan Johnson and her staff have been assisting me with my hearing aids for two years. My wife and I have both enjoyed the TV streamer. It allows me... read more

Eric Dunlop Avatar
Eric Dunlop

Service and Professionalism Quality level that is UNMATCHED I am going on almost 2 years with the Johnson folks in the Franklin office, and as I have written before and will again, these people are the best! Starting... read more

Lesa Power Avatar
Lesa Power

Tinnitus testing experience Once again I visited the team at Johnson Audiology here in Cartersville for another hearing exam, and they really surprised me this time with a test for my lifelong tinnitus... read more

Morene Cangemi Avatar
Morene Cangemi

My Hearing Aids! I am a patient of Johnson Audiology Hixson office!! I would never have believed what a difference my hearing aids have made!!! I absolutely LOVE them. They have made such... read more

Jeanne Walker Avatar
Jeanne Walker

Wearing hearing aids is a transition but it's one that's worth it! I have stuck with it and I love my life with my hearing aids. I'm thankful to Dr.... read more

Dennis Haupert Avatar
Dennis Haupert

We love Dr. Megan Johnson for her knowledge, abilities and helpfulness every time we see her. Her office personnel are also great.

Delores Carter Avatar
Delores Carter

This is a wonderful place. I love the people and the atmosphere is so peaceful. I really recommend this place. I was in paradise. Come one, come all to Johnson Audiology.

Dorothy and Thomas Finn Avatar
Dorothy and Thomas Finn

Great customer service. They listened to us and solved our hearing challenges. Now we can talk to each other and actually hear the other person. The experience was so good... read more

Kenneth Goode Avatar
Kenneth Goode

I can hear better thanks to Johnson Audiology!

Roberta Strothers Avatar
Roberta Strothers

I always enjoy talking to the ladies at Johnson Audiology. They are so nice. They always give me clear instructions and make sure I understand.

Charlotte Walker Avatar
Charlotte Walker

I love my hearing aids! I love Dr. Whitney Smith! She has helped me hear!

Henry A Tedeschi Avatar
Henry A Tedeschi

Best Audiology Ever! I can hear a dog whisper! To be able to show up in their office, and be received with Knowledge, Understanding, and Respect Not to mention now I can hear! This is the greatest provider of... read more

Lawrence Berry Avatar
Lawrence Berry

Chik-Fil-A learned top notch customer service from Johnson Audiology.

Kim Crowe, Peyton's Mom Avatar
Kim Crowe, Peyton's Mom

We have had a wonderful experience at Johnson Audiology. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating, and my son, Peyton, is always excited to come. They have worked with... read more

Martha Sandidge Avatar
Martha Sandidge

You won't get anymore friendlier people than at JA. They are like family!

Penelope Albertson Avatar
Penelope Albertson

When I have a problem, Johnson Audiology takes care of me. They have helped me a lot and are a great place to come.The staff is always nice.

Loretta Gannon Avatar
Loretta Gannon

Everyone is kind and efficient at Johnson Audiology. We run on time for appointments. When I have had issues with my hearing aids, they always fit me in for an... read more

Joan Henry Avatar
Joan Henry

I have recently tried Phonak and was blow away by the clarity and sound quality. I look forward to much better hearing in the future.

Jane Cook Avatar
Jane Cook

Johnson Audiology has been such a wonderful experience for me and my family. I love my hearing aids and the positive change it has made for me. The aids completely... read more

Sandra Colby Avatar
Sandra Colby

I am 72, and now I can hear! I was born with severe hearing loss, and all through school I made straight F's because I couldn't hear the teacher. I... read more

Billy Cothran Avatar
Billy Cothran

I love these hearing aids. I have not heard this well in several years. I can hear the birds sing and the refrigerator running, which I have not heard in... read more

Billy Parker Avatar
Billy Parker

The people at Johnson Audiology are so great and so are my hearing aids! Dr. Smith has helped me hear so well!

Jimmie Walker Avatar
Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker After being hearing impaired in my right ear for many years, my hearing aids have opened doors I didn't know were there. It is a blessing hearing the things I... read more

Richard Milner Avatar
Richard Milner

We love coming to Johnson Audiology! The staff is so kind, and Dr. Smith has helped my Dad, Richard Milner, hear so much better!

Gloria Anchors Avatar
Gloria Anchors

I am thrilled with my hearing aids. I'm a teacher, and I'm now hearing my students in the back of the classroom, to their shock. But I'm even more thrilled... read more

Jack W. Traylor Avatar
Jack W. Traylor

Johnson Audiology receives my top rating. I have been a patient of Johnson Audiology for about five years. Protecting my hearing is high priority for me. Dr. Susan Porter, who has cared for me from day... read more

Ralph McBrayer Avatar
Ralph McBrayer

"My new hearing aids have made me more comfortable when talking to others. I can actually understand them. I love the way Dr. Whitney programmed them sot that they work... read more

Theo Hamrick Avatar
Theo Hamrick

“I had no idea how much I was missing with the level of hearing loss I have. EVERYTHING is much easier: work, home, life, in general! Great group of people... read more

Robert Wilson Avatar
Robert Wilson

“I love my hearing aids!”

Valerie Bray Avatar
Valerie Bray

"I feel like my ears have been 'reborn!' Wow! Dr. Whitney is fantastic! I can't believe I can hear again!"

Glenn Nix Avatar
Glenn Nix

"I absolutely love my new hearing aids! The staff is great, too!"

Tim Maddox Avatar
Tim Maddox

"Johnson Audiology is fantastic. I previously had a long term and great relationship with a hearing aid provider in another city. After moving 2+ hours away from that provider, I... read more

Billy Travis Avatar
Billy Travis

I was pleasantly surprised to find all that I was missing. The birds still chirp! The hearing aids are very efficient; they meet my needs. The staff is wonderful! Dr.... read more

Jason Elrod Avatar
Jason Elrod

After suffering with severe hearing loss most of my adult life, I decided to do something about it. I could not be more pleased with the outcome after visiting Johnson... read more

JoJo Venable Avatar
JoJo Venable

(testimonial by her mother, Maral Venable)

”This is the best place in town! From the moment you enter and are greeted by Raegan, then you meet Dr. Julia, you feel...
read more

Joyce West Avatar
Joyce West

I love my hearing aids!

David Britain Avatar
David Britain

“The hearing help Dr. Susan Porter has given me has vastly improved my quality of life. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and acquaintances.”

Franklin patients Avatar
Franklin patients

“We love our hearing aids and Johnson Audiology!”

Dianne Lester Avatar
Dianne Lester

“At Johnson Audiology in Murfreesboro, Dr. Julia Goddeeris gave me a thorough hearing exam. She listened to my concerns about my limited us of my hands due to arthritis. I... read more

Billy Pyle Avatar
Billy Pyle

“I have had excellent service and complete support at Johnson Audiology. I love my hearing aids and so does my wife!”

Kenneth Williams Avatar
Kenneth Williams

"I'm one happy patient! Satisfied completely! I can hear as well as my wife now!"

Joyce Crymes Avatar
Joyce Crymes

"My hearing aids from Johnson Audiology have opened

up a new world for me and for my family!"

Normalee Gentry Avatar
Normalee Gentry

"My experience with Johnson Audiology was great! Everyone was very courteous, and I really appreciate being able to hear."

Chris Matthew Avatar
Chris Matthew


Jerry Kemp Avatar
Jerry Kemp

Able to hear again It is wonderful to be able to hear after so many years. Thank you, Dr. Gray.

Donald Coomer Avatar
Donald Coomer

Dr. Gray A most pleasant experience with wonderful results! A pleasure to work with Dr. Gray.

Larry Underwood Avatar
Larry Underwood

My experience at Johnson Audiology has been awesome. I could never go back to not having hearing aids. As a pastor, being able to hear the choir sing and hear... read more

Les Hartman Avatar
Les Hartman

Great Office! ”It’s a great office. I appreciate what they have done for my hearing, and I enjoy working with the employees.”

Thomas Carnes Avatar
Thomas Carnes

Great folks! "Great Folks. Lots of fun!"

Jack Taylor Avatar
Jack Taylor

Money well spent! Dr. Wickstrom and the Cartersville staff were unbelievable and caring. The hearing aids have a natural sound, and this is the best money I have ever spent."

Frances Billue Avatar
Frances Billue

My favorite place to be. I absolutely love the waiting area! It is so homey and clean. The staff is so pleasant and helpful. Johnson Audiology is one of my favorite places to be.

Deborah McBee Avatar
Deborah McBee

This has been an amazing experience to me! I am so happy! I felt hopeless and that there were no good answers for solving my problems with hearing loss. I... read more

Jack Traylor Avatar
Jack Traylor

Highest Level of professionalism and expertise I have been a patient of Dr. Susan Porter at Johnson Audiology for about 3 years. She and the entire staff at Johnson Audiology always exercise the highest level of... read more

Frank Hill Avatar
Frank Hill

The Best Place! This is the best place I have ever been of this nature. The people are so nice. I have the feeling that they are all so technically correct. I am... read more

Johnny Majors, former player and coach - University of Tennessee Avatar
Johnny Majors, former player and coach - University of Tennessee

“Even though i reside in Knoxville, I was recommended and told by a close friend that I needed to come see Dr. Megan Johnson in Chattanooga for help with my... read more

Joel Susman Avatar
Joel Susman

Their personal attention to your hearing needs and wants is what separates this audiology group from all the rest. They are second to None !

Bertie Robertson Avatar
Bertie Robertson

“My new favorite place! Wish I could just go hang out with these folks everyday. The office is so warm and inviting, complete with coffee, water, chocolates, and mints. Great... read more

Ralph Renegar Avatar
Ralph Renegar

”This is the best hearing aid and audiology place in town, they take such good care of me every time I come in.”

Lewis Brock Avatar
Lewis Brock

My visit at this center was more than comfortable. Felt like family on my first visit. Highly recommend these people to anyone who may have hearing problems. Thanks Dr. Smith... read more

Samuel and Barbara Somma Avatar
Samuel and Barbara Somma

Johnson Audiology is the best medical office in the area. There is no staff around as good as theirs. We have been to two other hearing clinics before we ended... read more

Patricia McDonald Avatar
Patricia McDonald

“Thank you, Dr. Wade, for helping me hear so much better, everything is so clear and crisp. I love my new ears.”

Elizabeth Love Avatar
Elizabeth Love

I would have never thought I could hear this well at 96

Joey Whitacker Avatar
Joey Whitacker

I have an acoustic neuroma where the brain tumor gets on the acoustic nerve going to my ears and my face causing significant hearing loss. I went to many hearing... read more

Faye Stewart Avatar
Faye Stewart

“I knew I was having problems hearing, so I finally, after years of saying ‘Huh’ to everyone, went to Johnson Audiology and had my ears checked. They said I needed... read more

Betty Whaley Avatar
Betty Whaley

Hearing loss can be so gradual that we often do not even realize the problem. However, we can always count on our families to bring us to the table! Dr.... read more

Charles Durham Avatar
Charles Durham

The front office staff at Johnson Audiology are always so pleasant and professional, Dr. Whitney Smith has always been so helpful to me regarding my hearing loss. I was worried... read more

Grady & Nell Massingill Avatar
Grady & Nell Massingill

“We have been coming to Johnson Audiology for several years now, we both were fit with hearing aids at the same time and we have absolutely loved our new ears... read more

Norma Jean Adams Avatar
Norma Jean Adams

I recommend Johnson Audiology to all my friends who struggle with hearing loss. They have always treated me with respect and compassion and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hearing... read more

Robert Gilstrap Avatar
Robert Gilstrap

“I’m a stickler for customer service and it’s great at Johnson Audiology and I could not be more happy! I am a music lover and have been amazed by the... read more

Dennis Johnson Avatar
Dennis Johnson

The ease and satisfaction of getting my hearing corrected from Johnson Audiology was fabulous. Dr. Whitney Smith was wonderful.

Bill Stovall Avatar
Bill Stovall

“If you’re serious about finding a solution for your hearing loss, my recommendation is Johnson Audiology.”

Elaine Hill Avatar
Elaine Hill

“Johnson Audiology is very friendly, compassionate, the office is very pleasant. I love my hearing aids, I’m able to hear so much more clearly now that I have them. They’re... read more

Don Welch Avatar
Don Welch


“I didn’t realize what sounds I wasn’t hearing until I came to Johnson Audiology. I was able to try out several of their...
read more

Michael Moore Avatar
Michael Moore

“For two years, I’ve been a patient at Johnson Audiology.I couldn’t be happier. In this time, I have been treated by several audiologists and each one has treated me for... read more

Furman Cliett Avatar
Furman Cliett

“Having had a not-so-good experience before discovering Dr. Johnson, coming to Johnson Audiology has been such a positive experience. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would definitely... read more

Nannie Sampson Avatar
Nannie Sampson

”These new hearing aids have given me a new perspective on life. It’s so much more enjoyable to hear your loved ones. Thank you Dr. Whitney Smith.”

Austin Logan Avatar
Austin Logan

“I was diagnosed with loss of hearing in my left ear. Dr. Whitney Smith fitted me for a hearing aid and was right on with what I needed. “

Bob McKamey Avatar
Bob McKamey


“This group of hearing professionals has the best customer service i have ever experienced out of any business i have interacted with over...
read more

Clabon Johnson Avatar
Clabon Johnson

“Dr. Whitney Smith has helped me with my new ears, she is my friend and audiologist. I recommend you come see her if you need hearing aids.”

Ken Blankenship Avatar
Ken Blankenship

“Dr. Susan Porter has done an amazing job in helping me hear better, it’s been the best experience possible.”

Prescilla Corvin Avatar
Prescilla Corvin

“This is the only hearing clinic I recommend to my friends and family members!”

Mike Evans Avatar
Mike Evans

“This is my third set of hearing aids since 1988. The ease and dignity shown by the staff and especially Dr. Whitney Smith, surpasses all the other experiences I have... read more

Luciene Wise Avatar
Luciene Wise

This has been an incredible experience. I absolutely love the staff here at Johnson Audiology. My hearing aids have changed my life. I cannot truly express my immense gratitude. Thank you!

Tavis Green Avatar
Tavis Green

“My name is Tavis Green and I’ve been deaf since birth. Recently my hearing aids has been having some issues so i started looking for a clinic in Chattanooga that... read more

Aldonna Crabtree Avatar
Aldonna Crabtree

“Most Doctors offices make me nervous but Johnson Audiology made me feel comfortable when they did my testing and put me completely at ease. Dr. Johnson went over all the... read more

Jeanette & Eugene Bales Avatar
Jeanette & Eugene Bales

“Both my wife and I went to Johnson Audiology and received hearing aids at the same time because we were both struggling to hear and understand conversation in groups and... read more

Lindy Taylor Avatar
Lindy Taylor

“After getting my new hearing aids I noticed right away that I could hear so much better. I was so happy that tears came to my eyes. I had always... read more

Charles Whitecotton Avatar
Charles Whitecotton

“Thank you so much Johnson Audiology. Dr. Whitney Smith is awesome. She was so patient, informative and never made us feel rushed. Her knowledge of hearing loss and aides is... read more

Jesse Fowler, testimonial by Vicki Stein, Mr. Fowler's daughter Avatar
Jesse Fowler, testimonial by Vicki Stein, Mr. Fowler's daughter

“After my dad, who is 87 years old, got fitted for his hearing aids, we walked outside the doctor’s office, and he looked amazed and said he could hear the... read more

Joel Hearn Avatar
Joel Hearn

“The best all around for your hearing concerns and needs. Dr. Whitney Smith and the staff are professional, caring and very friendly. They truly care about their patients and will... read more

Richard Looney Avatar
Richard Looney

“My experience with Johnson Audiology has been all good. I was very pleased with the test, and Dr. Smith explained things so well to me. I love my new hearing aids!”

Betty Fullbright Avatar
Betty Fullbright

“Hearing loss affects all aspects of one’s life. Johnson Audiology offers professionally trained expertise in resolving that problem. The very competent staff partners with audiologist Dr. Megan Johnson to function... read more

Phil Brown Avatar
Phil Brown

”Dear Megan: You have changed our lives! Wanda and I are so excited about the new Phonak hearing aids you provided for our assessment. After losing my hearing in the... read more

Lisa Shine Avatar
Lisa Shine

“We have been going to Johnson Audiology for my son’s hearing loss for over 3 years and they have always taken great care of my boys and their all hearing needs.”

Bennie & Elise Gallaher Avatar
Bennie & Elise Gallaher

“This place provides complete 5 star service. We love coming out for every appointment, we love the service and care we receive and we love our audiologist, Dr. Susan Porter.”

Harvey Schmeizer Avatar
Harvey Schmeizer

“Do yourself a favor and come to Johnson Audiology. It’s better than all the other places out there!”

James Gooch Avatar
James Gooch

“I have never been treated with such respect, attention, and care as what I have received from day one at Johnson Audiology. Dr. Whitney Smith puts a smile on my... read more

Janice Wilson Avatar
Janice Wilson

“Dr. Whitney Smith truly cares for her patients!”

Kris Erskin Avatar
Kris Erskin

“They treat you as if you’re their only patient, that’s customer service!”

Glen Cornelius Avatar
Glen Cornelius

“Johnson Audiology is by far the Best Audiology clinic in Chattanooga!”

Donald Hladik Avatar
Donald Hladik

“If you want to start hearing better, stop waiting and come see Dr. Whitney Smith at Johnson Audiology. They have all the equipment necessary to get you fixed up and... read more

Doris Fowler Avatar
Doris Fowler

I am so thankful to God and Johnson Audiology for giving me back the gift of hearing. Over the last 3-4 years, I had lost the ability to participate in... read more

Dr. Arthur VonWerssowetz Avatar
Dr. Arthur VonWerssowetz

“As a physician, I understand the importance of education, a doctorate degree, and professional credentials. That is why I chose to see an audiologist and more specifically, Dr. Susan Porter... read more

Ted King Avatar
Ted King

”Johnson Audiology is the best! The most friendly staff I’ve ever encountered. Just wonderful! I still wouldn’t be able to hear if it wasn’t for Johnson Audiology. My advice to... read more

Emory May Avatar
Emory May

“I recommend Johnson Audiology to everyone! Their staff is great, always pleasant and helpful. Thank you Johnson Audiology for all you have done to help me hear better!”

Nicole Spivey, testimonial by Linda Spivey, Nicole's mom Avatar
Nicole Spivey, testimonial by Linda Spivey, Nicole's mom

“I would like to thank Johnson Audiology. The smile that your company put on my daughter’s face was remarkable. Your office is so pleasant and great with people who have... read more

Carl McDade Avatar
Carl McDade

“Dr. Whitney Smith is the Best”

Vaughn Miller Avatar
Vaughn Miller

“The service and care from Johnson Audiology has been great. I love being able to hear now. Best audiology group in Franklin.”

Eugene Maio Avatar
Eugene Maio

“I’m very pleased with the staff at Johnson Audiology, and the attention I’m given. They answer all my questions and have improved my hearing.”

Caroline Cavitt Avatar
Caroline Cavitt

“Today could be the first red letter day in my life in a long, long time indeed. All because of two little hearing aids I’ve needed and wanted to one... read more

Samuel Crist Avatar
Samuel Crist

“They have helped me understand and hear speech better in a restaurant or group setting where there are several people talking. My new hearing aids have reduced the stress and... read more

Gale Cyphers Avatar
Gale Cyphers

“I love my hearing aids.”

Bandi Brown Avatar
Bandi Brown

“My mother lost hearing in her left ear 33 years ago from a brain tumor, She tried hearing aids shortly thereafter. She found the all of the static and background... read more

Virgil Marler Avatar
Virgil Marler

“I’ve had other hearing aids from several other hearing places here in Chattanooga, but none of them can compare in sound quality to the hearing aids i have been recommended... read more

Randall Sexton Avatar
Randall Sexton

“Johnson Audiology treated my hearing loss with the highest quality hearing aids at a fair and competitive price, with superb service where you’re never treated like a client and always... read more

Howard Leary Avatar
Howard Leary

“I was very satisfied with all the testing and how much time they took, I told them my problem with Tinnitus and Dr. Johnson said well I think I can... read more

John Felix Avatar
John Felix

“Usually you feel like older people experience hearing loss, well it doesn’t matter what time of your life you're in, it can happen to any of us at any age.... read more

Dr. William Teppenpaw Avatar
Dr. William Teppenpaw

“I’ve heard from many people that they were the best hearing clinic in Chattanooga, now I know first hand that everything I was told about Johnson Audiology and their audiologists... read more

Kevin Brakebill Avatar
Kevin Brakebill

“I have suffered with ringing in the ears for seven years. I have one bad ear that a standard hearing aid would not work on so Dr. Johnson suggested that... read more

James Horton Avatar
James Horton

“No other hearing place in town will treat you as fair and honest as Dr. Megan Johnson at Johnson Audiology. This is absolutely the best hearing experience I’ve ever had.”

Nicolas Hernandez Avatar
Nicolas Hernandez

“My name is Nicolas Hernandez and I was born without a left ear due to Goldenhar Syndrome. I have been unable to hear conversations from my left ear and have... read more

Francese Byrd Avatar
Francese Byrd

“Dear Dr. Whitney Smith

I am so excited about my new hearing aids! I hear my TV so much more clearly and I can understand the words better. I don’t have...
read more

Charles David Head Avatar
Charles David Head

“During my first appointment with Johnson Audiology, I was struck by how professional the staff was and how well they treated me, a perfect stranger. I felt at home. Within... read more

Bonnie Parden & Jean DeYoung Avatar
Bonnie Parden & Jean DeYoung

“It’s just like a family to the ones they treat. We have both found the customer service very congenial and helpful. My name is Bonnie Parden and I’m Jean DeYoung... read more

Ann Schide Avatar
Ann Schide

“I knew that I wanted to be assessed by a doctor of audiology and not a hearing aid dispenser, Dr. Megan Johnson fits that bill. She went over all the... read more

David Kietzman Avatar
David Kietzman

“My hearing has been restored, these folks at Johnson Audiology are amazing.”

Danette Colson Avatar
Danette Colson

“Some may say you are too young for hearing loss….. I have found it does not matter about your age. What matters is if you can hear. Any hearing loss... read more

Shirley Evans Avatar
Shirley Evans

“These are my first hearing aids, and I am very pleased. I’ve had no trouble with them and was really ready for them. So was my family. Actually, it was... read more

Jimmy Brown Avatar
Jimmy Brown

“I absolutely love my hearing aids”

Faye Bradley Avatar
Faye Bradley

“I’m a 68-year-old grandmother with many sensory issues. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear my hearing aids that I do desperately need. Dr. Kari Wickstrom at... read more

James Morgan Avatar
James Morgan

“I was frustrated by not being able to hear well. I had my hearing tested and was found to be functionally deaf in my right ear and below normal in... read more

Jason Wright Avatar
Jason Wright

“Johnson Audiology changed my life and saved my job. I thought my supervisor was mad at me all the time because I couldn’t hear him, he thought I was ignoring... read more

Barry Wagner Avatar
Barry Wagner

“I don’t believe anyone except for a doctor of audiology should be fitting hearing aids. That is why I only trust Dr. Megan Johnson and Johnson Audiology for all my... read more

Jack Nally Avatar
Jack Nally

“I absolutely have loved working with Dr. Wade. She could tell when I wasn’t hearing my best, even though I was satisfied with my new hearing aids.

I agreed to...
read more

Johnette Moss Avatar
Johnette Moss

“If you're struggling with your hearing, then I urge you to see Dr. Anna Wade at Johnson Audiology. This is the absolute best hearing clinic in the area. They have... read more

Janie Mauldin Avatar
Janie Mauldin

“I’m able to hear my boys so much better, it’s a miracle what Dr. Johnson has been able to do for me.”

Jana Manning Avatar
Jana Manning

“I’m able to hear my boys so much better, it’s a miracle what Dr. Johnson has been able to do for me.”

Reese Saranthus Avatar
Reese Saranthus

“I have been going to Dr. Megan Johnson here in Cartersville for the past five years and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hearing health care. She is by far... read more

Chelsea Bradley Avatar
Chelsea Bradley

“Being told you have hearing loss is not something anyone wants to hear. Accepting the fact I needed help was hard. Not realizing I had an issue with my hearing,... read more

Ken Skoog Avatar
Ken Skoog

“I’m so happy I found Dr. Wade and Johnson Audiology in Cartersville. She has helped my hearing tremendously and I’ve even named her godmother to my sweet dog, Suzie!”

Jan Hughes Avatar
Jan Hughes

“Don’t waste your time going anywhere else; Johnson Audiology is the best hearing clinic in the area. I had no idea they could help me hear so much better. It’s... read more

Curtis Everett Avatar
Curtis Everett

“I was amazed at the service and the lengths the staff at Johnson Audiology went to assure complete satisfaction and customer service.”

Laura Harrison Avatar
Laura Harrison

“Johnson Audiology is the best hearing clinic in the area. Because of their honest approach to solving my hearing issues, they have gained a life long patient. I truly feel... read more

Jim Macht Avatar
Jim Macht

“Johnson Audiology is highly service-oriented. They take extra care to match the patient with the hearing device that suites their lifestyle best. I tried Costco first to save a few... read more

Bernard & Barbara Butler Avatar
Bernard & Barbara Butler

“I’ve tried hearing aids from those franchise places you always see and have heard about, but now I’m going to an audiologist for my hearing, and that has been the... read more

Karen Stinard Avatar
Karen Stinard

“I always thought I had some level of hearing loss I just did not know the extent of it. I would notice that I would ask for a statement to... read more

Dr. Randy Harrison Avatar
Dr. Randy Harrison

“Such a nice office! Everyone is very professional and pleasant. Dr. Wade is very knowledgeable in her field. She fitted me with Lyric hearing aids. They have allowed me to... read more

Brigitte Cutshall Avatar
Brigitte Cutshall

“Best Audiologist in Cartersville”

Edward Daniel Avatar
Edward Daniel

“I’m a proud patient of Johnson Audiology!”

Wilma Condra Avatar
Wilma Condra

“My experience at Johnson Audiology has been great! I read about Johnson Audiology in the local newspaper, and the practice has so many people as patients. I knew that was... read more

Donald Pryor Avatar
Donald Pryor

“Wonderful service. I’ve been very pleased with the whole staff and my hearing aids.”

Mary McGaughey Avatar
Mary McGaughey

“Thank you, Dr. Wade, for helping me hear”

Henry Turner Avatar
Henry Turner

“I love my hearing aids!”

Kim Haney Avatar
Kim Haney

“I have been a patient of Johnson Audiology since Dr. Johnson first opened her location in Chattanooga in 2009. I drove 60 miles each way from Cartersville to be fitted... read more

Ann Martin Avatar
Ann Martin

“My audiologist is amazing, she cares for her patients and it shows through her dedication to help me by offering plenty of time whenever I need to see her.”

Eugene Merkel Avatar
Eugene Merkel

“My audiologist took plenty of time to listen to all my needs and has helped me hear again. She has always been very professional and trustworthy. I recommend you see... read more

Pamela DeYoung Avatar
Pamela DeYoung

“The best audiology clinic in Chattanooga”

Jesse Turner Avatar
Jesse Turner

“I have been going to Johnson Audiology for 3 years now and they have always treated me right. I can come in and see the audiologist whenever I need to,... read more

Dr. Roy Soyfield Avatar
Dr. Roy Soyfield

“I have been very pleased with the service at Johnson Audiology from my first visit. My audiologist was patient and thorough in the exam process. She explained both the what... read more

Sue Abbott Avatar
Sue Abbott

“My audiologist is simply amazing, she has restored my hearing. If you have hearing loss, I urge you to make an appointment with Johnson Audiology.”

Steve Krug Avatar
Steve Krug

“I knew that I had hearing loss for many years but did nothing about it. After seeing and hearing about Johnson Audiology, I thought it was time to schedule a... read more

Allan Phillips Avatar
Allan Phillips

“My audiologist is truly the most caring and helpful hearing professional I have ever dealt with. I was never pressured or treated like a customer being sold something. She tested... read more

Cristian Reyes Gatica Avatar
Cristian Reyes Gatica

“The best decision I ever made about my hearing was coming to Johnson Audiology. My audiologist has done an amazing job in helping me understand and communicate better in noisy... read more

Mary Lu Henry Avatar
Mary Lu Henry

“The new technology is fabulous. The Lyric is a hearing aid that my audiologist inserts in each ear, they’re there all the time, you sleep with them, you take a... read more

Rob Copabella Avatar
Rob Copabella

"My audiologist has always taken the best care of me; I'm a life long patient of Johnson Audiology."

Elmer Roy Avatar
Elmer Roy

”For a truly thorough and caring experience come see Johnson Audiology.”

Joann McGarvery Avatar
Joann McGarvery

”When I came in, I was greeted by friendly, knowledgeable, smiling staff and was treated promptly. The office was clean and inviting. The staff is so sweet, which would have... read more

Ruby Walker Avatar
Ruby Walker

They have taken such good care of me here. I love how they have helped me hear so much better. The entire experience has been absolutely wonderful. Dr. Mary Kate... read more

Cody Bradley Avatar
Cody Bradley

“Thank you, for helping me hear better.”

Charles Forester Avatar
Charles Forester

I hear things I had not heard before and it’s just wonderful. I love my hearing aids. If your beginning to have difficulties with your hearing Johnson Audiology is the... read more

Jack Vick Avatar
Jack Vick

My life is better with my new hearing aids. I can hear the things people are saying around me. My experience at Johnson Audiology has been the best I’ve ever... read more

Paul Pratt Avatar
Paul Pratt

I love absolutely everything they have done for me in terms of my hearing. I would recommend anyone with hearing issues to come to Johnson Audiology, you won’t be disappointed.... read more

George Deer Avatar
George Deer

Their professionalism and knowledge in in the field of Audiology helped me with my hearing loss and I highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing any type of hearing problems