5617 Hwy 153 Suite 203, Hixson, TN 37343


Monday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Tuesday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Thursday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Friday:   8.30am – 3.00pm

We are thankful to be able to offer our services in such a strong community. Come visit us in Hixson for any of your hearing loss needs. We want to meet you and learn about any hearing difficulties you are experiencing. An easy way to get started is by setting up a hearing evaluation and consultation. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Johnson audiology - Your local hearing clinic in Hixon
Audiologist Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson, Au.D.

Rachel Glaze Audiologist

Rachel Glaze, AU.D.


Audiolodist Darnell Scafe




What Hixson Patients Are Saying

Elizabeth Erwin Avatar
Elizabeth Erwin

I've had a great experience with Johnson Audiology. They are very informative and friendly and my audiologist, Darnell Scafe, has been wonderful. I had confidence in Darnell's ability to help... read more

Delores Carter Avatar
Delores Carter

This is a wonderful place. I love the people and the atmosphere is so peaceful. I really recommend this place. I was in paradise. Come one, come all to Johnson Audiology.

Harold Cooling Avatar
Harold Cooling

The attitudes of the staff are excellent! Kaitlan is the funny clown in the group. If anyone is not happy after dealing with Kailan, they will NEVER be a happy... read more

Charles Hendrickson Avatar
Charles Hendrickson

Dr. Megan Johnson and her staff have been assisting me with my hearing aids for two years. My wife and I have both enjoyed the TV streamer. It allows me... read more

Dennis Haupert Avatar
Dennis Haupert

We love Dr. Megan Johnson for her knowledge, abilities and helpfulness every time we see her. Her office personnel are also great.

Delores Carter Avatar
Delores Carter

This is a wonderful place. I love the people and the atmosphere is so peaceful. I really recommend this place. I was in paradise. Come one, come all to Johnson Audiology.

Dorothy and Thomas Finn Avatar
Dorothy and Thomas Finn

Great customer service. They listened to us and solved our hearing challenges. Now we can talk to each other and actually hear the other person. The experience was so good... read more

Lawrence Berry Avatar
Lawrence Berry

Chik-Fil-A learned top notch customer service from Johnson Audiology.

Kim Crowe, Peyton's Mom Avatar
Kim Crowe, Peyton's Mom

We have had a wonderful experience at Johnson Audiology. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating, and my son, Peyton, is always excited to come. They have worked with... read more

Jane Cook Avatar
Jane Cook

Johnson Audiology has been such a wonderful experience for me and my family. I love my hearing aids and the positive change it has made for me. The aids completely... read more

Gloria Anchors Avatar
Gloria Anchors

I am thrilled with my hearing aids. I'm a teacher, and I'm now hearing my students in the back of the classroom, to their shock. But I'm even more thrilled... read more

Robert Wilson Avatar
Robert Wilson

“I love my hearing aids!”

Joyce West Avatar
Joyce West

I love my hearing aids!

Kenneth Williams Avatar
Kenneth Williams

"I'm one happy patient! Satisfied completely! I can hear as well as my wife now!"

Larry Underwood Avatar
Larry Underwood

My experience at Johnson Audiology has been awesome. I could never go back to not having hearing aids. As a pastor, being able to hear the choir sing and hear... read more

Les Hartman Avatar
Les Hartman

Great Office! ”It’s a great office. I appreciate what they have done for my hearing, and I enjoy working with the employees.”

Faye Stewart Avatar
Faye Stewart

“I knew I was having problems hearing, so I finally, after years of saying ‘Huh’ to everyone, went to Johnson Audiology and had my ears checked. They said I needed... read more

Elaine Hill Avatar
Elaine Hill

“Johnson Audiology is very friendly, compassionate, the office is very pleasant. I love my hearing aids, I’m able to hear so much more clearly now that I have them. They’re... read more

Don Welch Avatar
Don Welch


“I didn’t realize what sounds I wasn’t hearing until I came to Johnson Audiology. I was able to try out several of their...
read more

Furman Cliett Avatar
Furman Cliett

“Having had a not-so-good experience before discovering Dr. Johnson, coming to Johnson Audiology has been such a positive experience. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would definitely... read more

Eugene Maio Avatar
Eugene Maio

“I’m very pleased with the staff at Johnson Audiology, and the attention I’m given. They answer all my questions and have improved my hearing.”

Randall Sexton Avatar
Randall Sexton

“Johnson Audiology treated my hearing loss with the highest quality hearing aids at a fair and competitive price, with superb service where you’re never treated like a client and always... read more

Howard Leary Avatar
Howard Leary

“I was very satisfied with all the testing and how much time they took, I told them my problem with Tinnitus and Dr. Johnson said well I think I can... read more

Dr. William Teppenpaw Avatar
Dr. William Teppenpaw

“I’ve heard from many people that they were the best hearing clinic in Chattanooga, now I know first hand that everything I was told about Johnson Audiology and their audiologists... read more

Bonnie Parden & Jean DeYoung Avatar
Bonnie Parden & Jean DeYoung

“It’s just like a family to the ones they treat. We have both found the customer service very congenial and helpful. My name is Bonnie Parden and I’m Jean DeYoung... read more

Ann Martin Avatar
Ann Martin

“My audiologist is amazing, she cares for her patients and it shows through her dedication to help me by offering plenty of time whenever I need to see her.”

Joann McGarvery Avatar
Joann McGarvery

”When I came in, I was greeted by friendly, knowledgeable, smiling staff and was treated promptly. The office was clean and inviting. The staff is so sweet, which would have... read more


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