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We are thankful to be able to offer our services in such a strong community. Come visit us in Hixson for any of your hearing loss needs. We want to meet you and learn about any hearing difficulties you are experiencing. An easy way to get started is by setting up a hearing evaluation and consultation. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Address: 5617 Hwy 153 Suite 203, Hixson, TN 37343
Phone: (423) 665-4050
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What Hixson Patients Are Saying

“They have helped me understand and hear speech better in a restaurant or group setting where there are several people talking. My new hearing aids have reduced the stress and exhaustion from trying so hard to hear all the time. They have made my life better and i’m really thankful for that.”
Samuel Crist

“I’ve had other hearing aids from several other hearing places here in Chattanooga, but none of them can compare in sound quality to the hearing aids i have been recommended and treated with here at Johnson Audiology. They are amazing!”
Virgil Marler

“Johnson Audiology treated my hearing loss with the highest quality hearing aids at a fair and competitive price, with superb service where you’re never treated like a client and always treated like a family member.”

Randall Sexton

“I was very satisfied with all the testing and how much time they took, I told them my problem with Tinnitus and Dr. Johnson said well I think I can fix that, and she did. I don’t hear the ringing at all anymore. I can go out now and I can hear and understand people talking instead of my ears ringing all the time. I can also watch TV without all the ringing in my ears and it’s really great.”
Howard Leary

“Johnson Audiology is very friendly, compassionate, the office is very pleasant. I love my hearing aids, I’m able to hear so much more clearly now that I have them. They’re cosmetically pleasing, even with a short hair do a lot of people miss the fact that I have hearing aids and I enjoy that. They have really made a positive difference in my life.”
Elaine Hill

“I’ve heard from many people that they were the best hearing clinic in Chattanooga, now i know first hand that everything I was told about Johnson Audiology and their audiologists is absolutely true. I have had the best hearing experience by coming here.”

Dr. William Teppenpaw

 “Dr. Laura Ford is amazing, she cares for her patients and it shows through her dedication to help me by offering plenty of time whenever i need to see her.”

Ann Martin

“It’s just like a family to the one’s they treat. We have both found the customer service very congenial and helpful. My name is Bonnie Parden and I’m Jean DeYoung and were proud to say were patients here at Johnson Audiology.”
Bonnie Parden & Jean DeYoung

“I didn’t realize what sounds I wasn’t hearing until I came to Johnson Audiology. I was able to try out several of their hearing devices until I found the right one that fit my lifestyle and It’s made a tremendous difference for me. I encourage those out there with hearing loss to stop waiting and start hearing at Johnson Audiology.”
Don Welch


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