We’re proud to announce the next step in our journey, the launch of the Johnson Audiology Hearing Foundation. 

This 501(c)3, non-profit organization is the official charitable arm of Johnson Audiology and the means by which we can offer help and hope and the gift of hearing to those in financial need in the greater communities we serve — Chattanooga, Hixson, Franklin, and Murfreesboro in Tennessee, and Cartersville, Georgia.

We hope you remember fondly when you started your journey to better hearing. Every day in our offices, on social media and on our website, Johnson Audiology patients share their stories of how healthy hearing has changed their lives and helped them reconnect with the world around them.

Folks tell us what a blessing it is to hear the sweet voice of a beloved grandchild, to be a part of the conversation around a crowded dinner table with friends, and to, once again, hear the sounds of nature like the wind through the trees and the melodies of birdsong.

Those heartfelt expressions energize and motivate all of us at Johnson Audiology.

In fact, it is what galvanized us to create the Johnson Audiology Hearing Foundation, the next big leap on our journey to helping as many people as possible on the road to healthy hearing.

The idea is simple and straightforward.

Beginning in 2020, JAHF will put a call out to those with hearing health care needs who are financially disadvantaged.

Those who receive help from JAHF must meet specific criteria in terms of household income and several other factors.

Johnson Audiology’s audiologists and support staff will give of their time and expertise to match those in need with hearing technology that can help them live fuller, more productive lives.

As a legally established, non-profit organization, the Foundation accepts in-kind donations, like gently used older model hearing aids, as well as monetary gifts from kind donors. The Foundation also works with several of the major hearing aid manufacturers as they refurbish the donated aids, preparing them for deserving recipients.

As with any charitable undertaking, success comes by way of a strong team effort. The Foundation’s Board of Directors, other volunteers, as well as Johnson Audiology staff, will offer expertise, time and commitment to the Foundation’s mission.

Johnson Audiology Hearing Foundation Providing Hearing Health Care to those in Need

Make a Donation

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Would You Like to Help?

If you would like to support the Johnson Audiology Hearing Foundation and help us to achieve our target of helping 100 people in need in 2020 – then there are many ways that you can help.

You can make a financial contribution that will go towards purchasing hearing aids that will be fitted to those in need,  you can donate any old hearing technology (whether old unused hearing aids or your current hearing aids if you’re planning to upgrade your technology) or you can donate your time next time we have a community meet-up/event.

Anything you can do to help means so much to us.