Discovering you have a hearing loss is an emotional rollercoaster ride. It isn’t uncommon to feel overwhelmed at first. But then you learn all about how modern hearing aids are transforming the lives of those with a hearing loss and you may feel a swell of relief. This can soon be followed by anxiety and worry as you wonder whether your health insurance will cover the cost of your hearing aids.

At Johnson Audiology, we understand how important it is to know where you stand when it comes to paying for hearing aids that can make a world of difference to your hearing ability. We’ve helped countless patients navigate the complexities of how to cover this cost through their insurance.


We can help you understand your health insurance

We partner with most health insurance companies, which means we are likely already familiar with your insurance provider. But more than that, our in-house billing experts are specially trained to research your individual insurance policy. We’ll confirm exactly what benefits you have and what your insurance covers. We’ll be able to tell you whether your insurance covers hearing health care services alone, or whether it also can provide a dollar amount towards paying for your hearing aids.

Once we’ve done our detective work on your insurance policy, you’ll know exactly where you stand. But in the meantime, here’s some general information about health insurance for your hearing care, as well as some advice on what to ask your insurance provider.


Types of health insurance

There are four main categories of health insurance. Here is what they cover when it comes to your hearing health:

  1. Medicare – this does not usually cover the cost of hearing aids.
  2. Medicaid – in most cases, the cost of hearing aids is covered in part or in full.
  3. Veterans Administration benefits – this provides access to hearing aids via VA healthcare facilities for qualified veterans.
  4. Private health insurance – coverage for hearing aids varies according to an individual’s plan.

Whichever kind of insurance you have, it is well worth asking your insurance provider a few key questions to find out exactly what they can do for you.


Questions to ask your insurance provider

Here are our top four questions to ask your insurance provider:

  1. Does my insurance plan cover the cost of hearing aids in part or in full?
  2. Do I have to use a nominated hearing aid provider to access coverage of the cost of my hearing aids?
  3. Will you bill my hearing aid provider directly, or do I need to pay upfront myself and then get a reimbursement from you?
  4. Can I pick any hearing aid I would like, or does my plan only cover certain hearing aids?

If you still aren’t sure where you stand once you get those answers, there is no need to worry. Our billing experts are here to set things straight, so you’ll know exactly what your insurance will cover and what you’ll need to pay for personally.

So to get a definitive answer to the question, “Does my health insurance cover hearing aids?” click here to get in touch with your nearest Johnson Audiology in Chattanooga, Franklin, Hixson, Murfreesboro, or Cartersville.