Custom Hearing Protection

So, here’s a question; are you any one of these…?

  • Airline Pilot
  • Musician
  • Industrial worker
  • Target shooter
  • Landscaper
  • Motorcyclist

What these things, and many other jobs and pastimes, have in common is that they all involve noise.

The number one cause of hearing loss in adults is regular exposure to loud noises. This deterioration, when left unchecked, can irreversibly damage your ears.

So, if you do spend most of your time in a noise-heavy environment, you might want to think about getting yourself a little ear protection. It’s only a small investment, but it’ll go a long way to ensuring the preservation of your all-important hearing.

Custom Ear Pieces (HPDs)

At Johnson Audiology, we provide a custom-made hearing device service like no other. Although many of the devices you can buy off the shelf are fantastic, what we offer are bespoke, made to fit devices that tackle your own specific needs.

They are comfortable, high performing, durable, and unmatched in overall quality.

For those of you who need protection from more than sound—swimmers, for example, where protection against water pressure is so important—we also make custom-made ear plugs.

Keeping your hearing healthy throughout your life is so vital, so do yourself the biggest of favors and keep your ears safe.

No matter what your needs or circumstances, we’re here to craft a tailor-made noise protection solution just for you.

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Man cutting hedge with strimmer and wearing custom hearing protection


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