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We are proud to serve the community of Cartersville as our only Georgia location. Whether you have questions for our team or want to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors of audiology, we are here as a resource for you. You do not have to live with hearing difficulties. If you want to improve your hearing ability, schedule an evaluation and consultation with our office to get started on your journey to clearer hearing.

Address: 105 W Main St. Cartersville, GA 30120
Phone: (770) 901-2915
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Megan Johnson, Au.D.


Anna Wade, Au.D.


Kari Wickstrom, Au.D.



What Cartersville Patients Are Saying

“If your struggling with your hearing, then I urge you to see Dr. Anna Wade at Johnson Audiology. This is the absolutely best hearing clinic in the area. They have totally changed my life and helped me hear and understand conversation better in noisy environments. It’s amazing how much clearer everything sounds with my hearing aids.”
Johnette Moss

“I’m so happy I found Dr. Wade and Johnson Audiology in Cartersville. She has helped my hearing tremendously and I’ve even named her godmother to my sweet dog, Suzie!
Ken Skoog

Johnson Audiology is the best! The most friendly staff I’ve ever encountered. Just wonderful! I still wouldn’t be able to hear if it wasn’t for Johnson Audiology. My advice to anyone who needs help with hearing is to see Johnson Audiology as soon as possible. They care (really care) about their patients. They are like family to me.”
Ted King

 “I recommend Johnson Audiology to everyone! Their staff is great, always pleasant and helpful. Thank you Johnson Audiology for all you have done to help me hear better!”

Emory May

“Thank you Dr. Wade for helping me hear so much better, everything is so clear and crisp. I love my new ears.”
Patricia McDonald

“I was amazed at the service and the lengths the staff at Johnson Audiology went to assure complete satisfaction and customer service.”
Curtis Everett

“Don’t waste your time going anywhere else, Johnson Audiology is the best hearing clinic in the area. I had no idea they could help me hear so much better. It’s amazing how much i was missing before I was fit with these wonderful hearing aids. Everyday i’m grateful i chose to go to Johnson Audiology where i see a doctor of audiology instead of going to one of those hearing aid sales center and seeing a salesperson. I made the right decision coming here.
Jan Hughes

“Johnson Audiology is the best hearing clinic in the area. Because of their honest approach to solving my hearing issues they have gained a life long patient. I truly feel they have my best interests in heart and are not like these other hearing centers in the area that just want to try and sell you a hearing aid instead of trying to address my hearing loss. Even their testing and consultation was more impressive than the other places i have gone to. Everything about this audiology practice is professional and trustworthy.
Laura Harrison

“Such a nice office! Everyone is very professional and pleasant. Dr. Wade is very knowledgeable in her field. She fitted me with Lyric hearing aids. They have allowed me to continue in my career as a physician and definitely improved my overall quality of life. This sure has helped my wife’s quality of life, too! Dr. Wade goes out of her way to find a hearing product that is right for each patient. We are very pleased with her.”
Dr. Randy Harrison


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