1. Our warm and welcoming practice

When you visit us, we ensure that your experience is like a home away from home.

Our welcoming practice is delightfully decorated with warm lighting, and there’s always soothing music playing to help you relax and feel comfortable with us.

Unlike some practices, you’ll never be asked to turn your mobile phone off, and you’re welcome to enjoy that pre-appointment snack while you wait. It’s home away from home, remember?

When a patient commented that her “stress levels reduced” just by being in our practice, it confirmed that our aim to create the most comforting environment for our patients had been achieved.

2. Free and easy-access parking

You don’t want to fuss around trying to find a spot – our parking lot is directly outside our office buildings, and there are spaces aplenty ready for you to walk up with ease.

3. Audiology and hearing aids are our main focus

Unlike the generalist giants at Costco and other big box stores, audiologic care and hearing aids are the only services we offer, which means the expertise in your specialist care is second to none.

Where other ENT practices (Ear, Nose & Throat) lump too much information together, which can overwhelm, and in some cases panic patients, we are true specialists in your healthy hearing, and we’re with you all the way.

It’s what makes us experts and what makes you know you’re being looked after by audiologists who really know what they’re doing.

4. We are reachable and happy to talk

A lot of our patients comment on how easy it is to get through to us here at Johnson Audiology, with many saying that from the very first phone call with us they felt welcomed, valued, and informed on what to do next.

We have real people answering the phones during the business week – no switchboards, which means that people with hearing impairment know they are getting through to the right person without wasting any of their time. Plus, during evenings and weekends, you can send a question or scheduling request through our website, and a staff person will contact you back on the next business day. That way, while you are thinking about your hearing health or researching the subject during time in the evenings or on a weekend, you can throw the ball into our court for us to touch base back with you. 

5. We're multi-award winning

We pride ourselves on exceptional patient service, it is one of our main pillars of business here at Johnson Audiology.

We received first placed for “Best of the Best” for our hearing aid center in all the communities where we have offices, as well as being awarded for our elite level of service on multiple occasions.

6. You will ALWAYS see a university-trained Audiologist

When you have an issue with your hearing, it can really knock you off course. When you seek professional help, therefore, it’s a professional you need to see.

At Johnson Audiology, when you come for a diagnostic hearing evaluation, you will be greeted and cared for by a certified doctor of audiology.

What’s more, we do our best to ensure that you see the same audiologist when you return for your fitting and follow-up appointments.

7. Exceptional, "extra mile" hearing evaluations
A core difference between us and other practices is the level of detail we go into during your hearing evaluation – a level that surpasses our peers by far.

Where most places do the basic airborne, speech, and otoscopy, we take a more holistic approach and test noise, uncomfortable loudness levels, tinnitus tests, and hyperacusis.

We do this so we can understand how you hear in every environment.

Ultimately, the extra mile we go means that we can make a thorough, measured, and accurate decision when suggesting a course of treatment.

8. We're not tied to any one hearing aid manufacturer

Brand loyalty or affiliate schemes can ruin the authenticity of an Audiologist’s product recommendation to a patient. 

As a rule of thumb, we are totally independent from any hearing aid manufacturer, which means our advice is given purely on merit and appropriateness of the product, specific to you, the patient.

Put simply, we will never pigeonhole you into choosing a product because we make more money on it. Oh no.

9. We're a growing practice

We continually invest back into our practices across Tennessee and Georgia. New equipment, audiometers, computers, and patient waiting areas are always updated to ensure our patients get the best possible experience with us.

We are independently owned and operated, which means we have long-term commitments at our sites, too; this means, just like the mailman, you can count on us to be there day in, day out!

10. Superb ongoing care

When we help you with a hearing aid device, our care doesn’t stop there.

We’re incredibly proud to be one of the practices in the top 12% of the USA that have verification equipment.

What that means for you, is, when you come back to visit us for a check-up, we can thoroughly test your hearing aids and make any tweaks needed then and there so that you hear the best in every listening situation in which you find yourself.

A lot of hearing aid companies, like online hearing dispensers, require that you send your aids away every time you need a programming tweak, but we have what’s needed in-house to minimize any inconvenience to you.

11. Big team staffed Monday to Friday

We’re here to serve you. That’s why we have audiologists and/or patient care coordinators available to help you at our five offices Monday through Friday, unlike some practices that offer limited daily hours and may close completely on one of the five business days.

This really makes a difference, as you have a bigger choice of appointment slots to see one of our team members meaning we’re here when you need us.

12. We're super passionate

We are super passionate about helping you get back to the life you love with hearing that allows you to experience the best moments with your family.

Of course, the only way for you to really know why Johnson Audiology is heads and shoulders above the rest is to come in and see us for yourself!

We are delighted to welcome new patients to our practice and can guarantee you nothing but the most enjoyable experience while you’re with us.

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“I’ve heard from many people that they were the best hearing clinic in Chattanooga, now i know first hand that everything I was told about Johnson Audiology and their audiologists is absolutely true. I have had the best hearing experience by coming here.” 
Dr. William Teppenpaw

“My visit at this center was more than comfortable. Felt like family on my first visit. Highly recommend these people to anyone who may have hearing problems. Thanks Dr. Smith for all Your help.” Lewis Brock



Audiologist Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson, Au.D.

Audiologist Anna Wade

Anna Wade, Au.D.

Audiologist Kari Wickstrom


Audiologist Susan Porter

Susan Porter, Au.D.

Audiologist Darnell Scafe



Audiologist Julia Goddeeris

Julia Goddeeris, Au.D.

Audiologist Whitney Smith

Whitney Smith, Au.D.

Audiologist Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray, Au.D.

Audiologist Madison Sakaan

Madison Sakaan, AU.D.



“I Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Else With My Hearing Health Care”

“I have been going to Dr. Megan Johnson here in Cartersville for the past 5 years and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hearing health care. She is by far the most honest and trustworthy hearing professional in the area. She has always taken the best care of me, always taking plenty of time to make sure that my hearing aids are optimally programmed and continually checking my hearing to see if anything has changed. Their always on the cutting edge of technology with the latest and greatest available as soon as it comes to the market. I feel like I’m always a step ahead of many other hearing aid wearers out there with those cheap franchise hearing aids because she fits me with the most advanced bluetooth, iphone and TV compatible hearing aids that come with the smartest and most efficient options. I know that i’m always in good hands because she is an audiologist but also because she truly cares for her patients.”

– Reese Saranthus