tinnitus evaluation and therapy

If you or a loved one are hearing a ringing, roaring, buzzing, or whistling sound that seems to appear from nowhere, you may have tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a very common audiological and neurological condition experienced

by nearly 15% of the American public and is the number one disability among Veterans. Although it’s usually harmless, it can sometimes be a side effect of a more serious health condition. In chronic cases of tinnitus, it can have a severe impact on daily activities, work, and sleep.

If you think you have tinnitus, you should get checked over by one of our audiologists to rule out underlying health issues firstly. Our award-winning team of tinnitus specialists can put together a treatment plan to reduce the severity of your tinnitus, or even eliminate it completely.

What is Tinnitus?

The most common type of tinnitus is called “subjective tinnitus.” It makes you hear noises which aren’t actually there. The sounds can appear along with a feeling of vertigo or pressure, or hearing loss. For a small percentage of people, tinnitus is constant and horrible to live with. For others, tinnitus is a minor irritation that crops up only occasionally, sometimes just for a few seconds.

There is a less common type of tinnitus called “objective tinnitus,” which is more challenging to treat. Your audiologist will actually be able to hear this themselves with a microphone when they do your hearing check. The sounds can be caused by problems with blood vessels, the middle ear, or muscle contractions.

Usually, tinnitus is caused by exposure to loud noises. If you’re regularly in noisy environments, you have a higher risk of experiencing tinnitus. However, loud noises aren’t the only cause. Stress, trauma, some medication, chemotherapy, earwax, and certain diseases can also bring on tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a disease but rather a symptom of something else going on in your body. That’s why it’s so important to get your hearing checked if you have it so that we can rule out anything more serious.

What is Tinnitus Therapy and How Can it Help?

Although there is currently no proven cure for tinnitusthere are some excellent tools and therapies to help manage the condition.

The best-known solutions for tinnitus are tinnitus therapy, or “sound therapy” as it is sometimes called, or with the use of hearing aids.

Here at Johnson Audiology, your audiologist and otologist will carry out a comprehensive medical and hearing assessment before putting together a tailored tinnitus therapy plan to treat your specific tinnitus.

Once we know what we’re dealing with, we start our mission to silence your tinnitus. 

Our aim with tinnitus therapy is to empower you to acclimatize to the tinnitus and filter it out. We use a combination of tools and treatments until we’ve found a way to regulate your specific condition.

We then put a tinnitus management strategy in place, which usually involves sound enrichment for the relief of tinnitus, enabling you to go back to living more comfortably.

Hearing aids are known to be very useful in eliminating tinnitus with their ability to mask unwanted sounds.

Benefits of tinnitus therapy with Johnson Audiology:

  • Minimize, or eliminate the symptoms of tinnitus
  • Reduce anxiety and frustration due to the annoyance of tinnitus
  • Become empowered by understanding your tinnitus and able to manage your tinnitus better
  • Improved sleep, concentration
Why Choose Johnson Audiology

Put simply, our number one priority is you. Our whole philosophy is centered on you feeling welcome, looked after, and of course, receiving the best treatment possible. 

We are experts in the field of Audiology, and, having won numerous national awards for our best service and practice management, we know how to treat our patients, and then some. 

Here are 12 other great reasons to choose Johnson Audiology to help treat your tinnitus. 


If you are suffering the effects of tinnitus, the next steps are to book a medical and comprehensive hearing evaluation with one of our tinnitus specialists at one of our 5 hearing centers in Tennessee or Georgia.

We take great pride in ensuring the process is friendly, relaxed, and completely stress-free.

Let us help you get relief from tinnitus so that you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.

Schedule Your Tinnitus Evaluation

“I was very satisfied with all the testing and how much time they took, I told them my problem with Tinnitus and Dr. Johnson said well I think I can fix that, and she did. I don’t hear the ringing at all anymore. I can go out now and I can hear and understand people talking instead of my ears ringing all the time. I can also watch TV without all the ringing in my ears and it’s really great.”

~ Howard Leary

“Once again I visited the team at Johnson Audiology here in Cartersville for another hearing exam, and they really surprised me this time with a test for my lifelong tinnitus that I’ve never even considered could be anything except a part of my being. During the test, they actually made the tinnitus go away, and, yes, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I had tears. They made the impossible possible for me for a few minutes and probable in the near future. Thank you, team Johnson, for this gift you’ve shown me. it’s given me a hope I didn’t know was available to me.”

~ Lesa Power



“It’s simply amazing how she’s been able to help me with my hearing and tinnitus”

“I have suffered with ringing in the ears for seven years. I have one bad ear that a standard hearing aid would not work on so Dr. Johnson suggested that I have the Bi-Cross hearing aid. The Bi-Cross transfers all sound from my right ear over to my left ear and tricks my brain into thinking I can hear with both ears. It’s simply amazing how she’s been able to help me with my hearing and tinnitus at the same time. I was always told by other hearing professionals that nothing could be done to minimize or eliminate my tinnitus but Dr. Johnson selected a specialized hearing aid with tinnitus management that has helped me so much, I do not notice it anymore.” Kevin Brakebill
Kevin Brakebill - Patient testimonial for Johnson Audiology