The Johnson Audiology Hearing Foundation, a 501c3, non-profit, has set a goal of helping 100 people in 2020 by pairing up needy, yet worthy, individuals who have hearing loss with donated technology. 

Many will help in this effort by donating their older hearing aid technology, but if your technology is still serving you well and you are not ready to part with it as a donation, you can still help. Here’s how!

We want to hear your story about your path to better hearing, because nothing is more empowering to those starting their journey than hearing powerful stories from others that have been in their shoes.

We want to proudly showcase local folks, like you, who have taken control of their hearing health, were fitted with hearing aids and can NOT imagine life without them. These expressions are often what encourage others to get their first hearing evaluation, and the Johnson Audiology Hearing Foundation will further encourage people to take action.

Simply fill out the questionnaire to the right. Answer all or as many of the questions as you choose and hit the submit button at the bottom. While it is not required, a photograph of you wearing your hearing aid technology, would also be great. 

Thanks for sharing!

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