Hello friends and neighbors,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Soon we’ll be celebrating and reflecting on everything wonderful in our lives.

Perhaps this includes family, friends, our jobs, our health …

Johnson Audiology also has many things for which we are thankful. This includes your patronage, your trust in us as your audiology care experts, your enthusiasm for spreading the word about us to family and friends, and, most important, you being you. After all, our patients feel like family to us, and you put a smile on our faces when you visit.

If you have any questions or concerns about your hearing, then I encourage you to please contact us today. It’s not too late to put any worries to rest and ensure that you don’t miss out on the celebration as we enter the holiday season.

Best of the Best and The Ruthies

Speaking of being thankful, we also are extremely grateful for everyone who voted for us in Chattanooga’s Best of the Best and Murfreesboro’s The Ruthies Awards. Best of the Best and The Ruthies are the premier People’s Choice Awards in these two cities.

Johnson Audiology received awards in three Best of the Best categories—first place for Best Audiologist and Best Hearing Aid Center and in the category of Best Customer Service. Johnson Audiology staff members were so pleased to attend the Best of the Best Awards ceremony and had a ball being together for the evening as a team.

Johnson Audiology’s Dr. Julia Goddeeris and Cindy Rice had the pleasure of attending The Ruthies award ceremony in Murfreesboro.

At both events, it was a great opportunity for staff to mix and mingle with other businesses and award winners. Johnson Audiology is so honored to be recognized with these awards. In the Chattanooga area, where Johnson Audiology was founded 10 years ago, we continue to be humbled by the community’s steadfast support and also by the warm welcome we’ve received from the Murfreesboro community during these last three years since that office opened. We look forward to caring for all of you for many more years to come! Check out photos below from these two wonderful events.

From the Johnson Audiology family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

Read on for this month’s news…

Patient Resources

Do You Hear That Ringing?


Is the ringing, buzzing, chirping or humming in your ears, also known as TINNITUS, driving you to distraction? Be assured, you are not alone.

Learn more …

Hearing Health Tip

We all love a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, and here’s one more reason you can smile as you tuck into your turkey with all the trimmings – it contains excellent nutrients that are beneficial to your hearing health! Below is a breakdown of some of the healthy goodness that’s on your dinner plate:

Potassium:  Regulates fluid in your blood and body tissues. The fluid in our inner ears majorly depends on potassium. (Our inner ears convert the noises we hear into electrical impulses that our brain interprets as sound.)

Which foods contain potassium?: Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, butternut squash, and (of course!) turkey.

Folic Acid: According to various studies, having insufficient levels of folates in the body is linked to an increased risk of age-related hearing loss.

Which foods contain folic acid?: Spinach, arugula, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Magnesium: Helps maintain normal nerve function – may help to reduce the risk of tinnitus.

Which foods contain magnesium?: Whole wheat dinner rolls, quinoa, pecan pie (the magnesium is in the nuts!).

Zinc: Extremely high concentrations of zinc are found in the inner ear. Zinc has been linked to reducing tinnitus and presbycusis.

Which foods contain zinc? For something different, try serving shellfish like oysters. Snack bowls of cashews, almonds, or pistachios.

Meet the Team

Dr. Megan Johnson

It’s always a pleasure to introduce you to our Johnson Audiology staff members in this section of our monthly newsletter. Since our newsletter’s inception last year, we have featured several of our audiologists, and recently, someone pointed out that our newsletter had never featured, well, me.

So, let me tell you some of my background and what drew me, personally, to this fulfilling career.

Helping people hear better is my chosen profession, but more importantly, it is my passion. As a young person, I watched my father struggle with hearing loss so as I contemplated my path in life, hearing health was a field I knew I could commit myself to fully. It has indeed proved to be a rewarding career.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in communication disorders from Western Carolina University. I then earned my Master’s degree in audiology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and my Doctoral degree in Audiology (AuD) from the University of Florida.

During my first years as an audiologist, I worked for non-profit and private practice hearing health care clinics. But I had a vision for opening my own practice, and in the Fall of 2009, my husband Derek and I welcomed our first patients at our inaugural location of Johnson Audiology in Chattanooga. Our aim was simple: to address the growing hearing loss and tinnitus needs of our Tennessee and North Georgia neighbors and to do so by bringing together a team of superior audiology professionals and support staff dedicated to improving patients’ success with hearing aids and other assistive devices.

Johnson Audiology now has five locations—Chattanooga, Hixson, Franklin and Murfreesboro in Tennessee and in Cartersville, GA—and an incredible team made up of 10 audiologists and 16 support staff. New office locations are chosen based on need in a particular community as we take note when a significant number of patients from a specific region are traveling far distances to visit us.

I hold a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, and I am a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. I am also board certified by the American Board of Audiology (ABA).

I am nationally accredited and certified in the most recent advances in hearing diagnostic testing, cochlear implant diagnostic testing and mapping, tinnitus management and hearing aid technology.

I volunteer my services at local assisted living facilities and provide educational seminars at senior centers, civic club meetings, at churches and many other organizations in the communities our offices serve.

During the course of my 17 years as an audiologist, I have had the sincere pleasure of helping thousands of people reconnect with the world—with their families, with their friends, with everything in life that comes to us by way of our precious sense of hearing. I love my profession! I love helping people hear!

Delighted Patients

The latest reviews have just come in, and we are extremely moved by our patients’ kind words.

“I love the Lyric hearing aid I was fitted with.
Everyone in the office is friendly, helpful, and professional.
Five stars are not enough!”

Tina Winnett

“They are always so friendly and helpful at the Hixson office! I love going there! They always are very helpful with any questions I have about my hearing aids!”

Pat Duggard Clark

If you’ve visited us recently, please take a moment to share your positive experience here – it would mean the world to us and you just might help someone to take that first step towards better hearing.

That’s All For Now, Folks! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or visit us online to book an appointment. We’ll be back next month with more helpful hearing news for you!

Dr. Megan and the team at Johnson Audiology

Hearing Care Insurance Experts

We partner with most health insurance companies, and our in-house billing experts are trained to research your individual policy and verify benefits and coverage. Some individual insurance policies help with the cost of hearing services, and some provide a dollar amount towards the cost of hearing aid(s). We want to help you understand and utilize your insurance coverage for hearing aids so call us today. We’ll gather your insurance information and schedule an appointment for a diagnostic hearing evaluation at your convenience.

Chattanooga: (423) 710-1432
Franklin(615) 656-1109
Hixson: (423) 713-5266
Cartersville: (770) 334-3062 ​
Murfreesboro: (615) 295-2970