When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Hearing Evaluation

Have you got any concerns about your hearing? Perhaps you often find yourself asking others to repeat information, or maybe you have a habit of turning up the TV too high? 

If so, it might be time to pay us a little visit.

Our hearing evaluations are comfortable, efficient, and detailed.

 Here’s a bit more about what you can expect: 

  • We’ll discuss your symptoms and lifestyle to help us narrow down a potential diagnosis.
  • We’ll then perform a hearing test to determine to what degree your hearing may be damaged.
  • After this, we’ll do a few speech tests in both quiet and noisy settings to help our team classify your ability to process speech sounds.
  • From these tests, we’ll be able to work out what is going on inside your ears. We’ll discuss your results with you there and then and take a look at what solutions we have available to best suit you.
  • After this, we’ll explore a number of different options together, and then it’s up to you to decide which option best fits the bill.
  • If you suspect that you may have some hearing loss and need a hearing aid, make an appointment today to get your hearing checked.

Did you know that only 25% of people who need hearing aids actually wear them? There’s a bit of a stigma around getting your ears tested, but the earlier you get them seen to, the more likely it is that permanent damage can be avoided.

On average, people wait up to seven years after their first little inkling to get checked out – don’t let that be you!

Come and see us, however small the symptom might seem, it could save your hearing.

Middle Ear Testing

We’re lucky enough to have the equipment, resources, and expertise to perform middle ear testing.

Our tympanometry test measures how your ear responds to both sound and pressure. The results of this test often uncover ear ringing treatment and can tell our audiologists if you have any fluid in your ear, otitis media (ear infection), a problem with your Eustachian tube, or whether or not you have a perforation (hole) in your eardrum.

That’s some detailed diagnostics that could be crucial to finding the perfect hearing solution for your ears!

If you suspect that you may have middle-ear issues, make an appointment today for middle-ear testing.

We’ll talk you through it all and put your mind at ease.

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“Most Doctors offices make me nervous but Johnson Audiology made me feel comfortable when they did my testing and put me completely at ease. Dr. Johnson went over all the test results and took plenty of time to answer all my questions. I did not realize how much I was missing out on until I got my hearing aids. Dr. Johnson is amazing and I am proud to be a patient of Johnson Audiology.”
Aldonna Crabtree

“I was very satisfied with all the testing and how much time they took, I told them my problem with Tinnitus and Dr. Johnson said well I think I can fix that, and she did. I don’t hear the ringing at all anymore. I can go out now and I can hear and understand people talking instead of my ears ringing all the time. I can also watch TV without all the ringing in my ears and it’s really great.”

Howard Leary