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Monday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Tuesday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Thursday:   8.30am – 5.00pm
Friday:   8.30am – 3.00pm

We are very fond of the scenic city and the people we get to serve in this community. We would love to meet you and see how we can help with any of your hearing loss concerns. You do not have to live with hearing complications, contact us to learn more about our solutions and to set up a consultation with one of our audiologists. 

Johnson Audiology your local hearing clinic in Chatanooga



Audiologist Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson, Au.D.

Audiologist Susan Porter

Susan Porter, Au.D.

Audiologist Whitney Smith

Whitney Smith, Au.D.

Audiologist Madison Sakaan

Madison Sakaan, AU.D.



What Chattanooga Patients Are Saying

Elizabeth Erwin Avatar
Elizabeth Erwin

I've had a great experience with Johnson Audiology. They are very informative and friendly and my audiologist, Darnell Scafe, has been wonderful. I had confidence in Darnell's ability to help... read more

Joan Lovell Avatar
Joan Lovell

Johnson Audiology has been a fabulous experience for me and my family. Makes me so much more confident and happy. I smile lots more now!

Dale Arp Avatar
Dale Arp

Dale Arp review This office is very accommodating, informative, and super friendly. One of the best experiences I've had at an audiology office, and the new hearing aids are fantastic.

Bobbie Burks Avatar
Bobbie Burks

Bobbie Burks I love my hearing aids! I tried Costco aids for 5 months and I was so frustrated. I was ready to totally give up on hearing aids but my son... read more

Chuck Masisak Avatar
Chuck Masisak

Wow, what a great group of ladies! They treated me as if they"ve known me all their lives. They were very professional yet so much fun. They put up with... read more

Billie Ransom Avatar
Billie Ransom

Johnson Audiology Patient Star


I'll tell you one thing about this place- it's the BEST!! It's been life-changing for me to come to Johnson Audiology. The hearing aids have been...
read more

Wanda Cranmore Avatar
Wanda Cranmore

Before I got hearing aids, I was in the dark. I could not hear anything. Now, a light has turned on in my life. My hearing aids are my lifeline!... read more

Rhonda Foust Avatar
Rhonda Foust

These people are so wonderful and so much fun. I have the hearing implant N7. I really enjoy my it. So amazing. The girls here are very friendly and helpful."

Walter Rogers Avatar
Walter Rogers

A good experience After having my hearing tested by the Audiologist in the office of my ENT, and two companies offering hearing aid examination and sales, I bought a pair from a highly... read more

Henry Tedeschi Avatar
Henry Tedeschi

Best audiology ever!!! When you are greeted at Chattanooga Johnson Audiology from the start you realize they are knowledgeable, respectful, and patient The time taken with you by Dr. Whitney Smith to be... read more

Morene Cangemi Avatar
Morene Cangemi

My Hearing Aids! I am a patient of Johnson Audiology Hixson office!! I would never have believed what a difference my hearing aids have made!!! I absolutely LOVE them. They have made such... read more

Jeanne Walker Avatar
Jeanne Walker

Wearing hearing aids is a transition but it's one that's worth it! I have stuck with it and I love my life with my hearing aids. I'm thankful to Dr.... read more

Kenneth Goode Avatar
Kenneth Goode

I can hear better thanks to Johnson Audiology!

Roberta Strothers Avatar
Roberta Strothers

I always enjoy talking to the ladies at Johnson Audiology. They are so nice. They always give me clear instructions and make sure I understand.

Charlotte Walker Avatar
Charlotte Walker

I love my hearing aids! I love Dr. Whitney Smith! She has helped me hear!

Martha Sandidge Avatar
Martha Sandidge

You won't get anymore friendlier people than at JA. They are like family!

Penelope Albertson Avatar
Penelope Albertson

When I have a problem, Johnson Audiology takes care of me. They have helped me a lot and are a great place to come.The staff is always nice.

Loretta Gannon Avatar
Loretta Gannon

Everyone is kind and efficient at Johnson Audiology. We run on time for appointments. When I have had issues with my hearing aids, they always fit me in for an... read more

Joan Henry Avatar
Joan Henry

I have recently tried Phonak and was blow away by the clarity and sound quality. I look forward to much better hearing in the future.

Billy Parker Avatar
Billy Parker

The people at Johnson Audiology are so great and so are my hearing aids! Dr. Smith has helped me hear so well!

Jimmie Walker Avatar
Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker After being hearing impaired in my right ear for many years, my hearing aids have opened doors I didn't know were there. It is a blessing hearing the things I... read more

Richard Milner Avatar
Richard Milner

We love coming to Johnson Audiology! The staff is so kind, and Dr. Smith has helped my Dad, Richard Milner, hear so much better!

Jack W. Traylor Avatar
Jack W. Traylor

Johnson Audiology receives my top rating. I have been a patient of Johnson Audiology for about five years. Protecting my hearing is high priority for me. Dr. Susan Porter, who has cared for me from day... read more

Ralph McBrayer Avatar
Ralph McBrayer

"My new hearing aids have made me more comfortable when talking to others. I can actually understand them. I love the way Dr. Whitney programmed them sot that they work... read more

Valerie Bray Avatar
Valerie Bray

"I feel like my ears have been 'reborn!' Wow! Dr. Whitney is fantastic! I can't believe I can hear again!"

Tim Maddox Avatar
Tim Maddox

"Johnson Audiology is fantastic. I previously had a long term and great relationship with a hearing aid provider in another city. After moving 2+ hours away from that provider, I... read more

Lillie Ruth Walker Avatar
Lillie Ruth Walker

“I’ve had a great experience at Johnson Audiology! Dr. Whitney has helped me hear all 16 of my grand babies!”

David Britain Avatar
David Britain

“The hearing help Dr. Susan Porter has given me has vastly improved my quality of life. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and acquaintances.”

Deborah McBee Avatar
Deborah McBee

This has been an amazing experience to me! I am so happy! I felt hopeless and that there were no good answers for solving my problems with hearing loss. I... read more

Jack Traylor Avatar
Jack Traylor

Highest Level of professionalism and expertise I have been a patient of Dr. Susan Porter at Johnson Audiology for about 3 years. She and the entire staff at Johnson Audiology always exercise the highest level of... read more

Frank Hill Avatar
Frank Hill

The Best Place! This is the best place I have ever been of this nature. The people are so nice. I have the feeling that they are all so technically correct. I am... read more

Joel Susman Avatar
Joel Susman

Their personal attention to your hearing needs and wants is what separates this audiology group from all the rest. They are second to None !

Ralph Renegar Avatar
Ralph Renegar

”This is the best hearing aid and audiology place in town, they take such good care of me every time I come in.”

Lewis Brock Avatar
Lewis Brock

My visit at this center was more than comfortable. Felt like family on my first visit. Highly recommend these people to anyone who may have hearing problems. Thanks Dr. Smith... read more

Samuel and Barbara Somma Avatar
Samuel and Barbara Somma

Johnson Audiology is the best medical office in the area. There is no staff around as good as theirs. We have been to two other hearing clinics before we ended... read more

Norma Jean Adams Avatar
Norma Jean Adams

I recommend Johnson Audiology to all my friends who struggle with hearing loss. They have always treated me with respect and compassion and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hearing... read more

Robert Gilstrap Avatar
Robert Gilstrap

“I’m a stickler for customer service and it’s great at Johnson Audiology and I could not be more happy! I am a music lover and have been amazed by the... read more

Jack Vick Avatar
Jack Vick

My life is better with my new hearing aids. I can hear the things people are saying around me. My experience at Johnson Audiology has been the best I’ve ever... read more


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