Bud Manning says he spent years working at jobs that very likely damaged his hearing. “Between driving a truck and working on a noisy loading dock, my hearing loss had gotten pretty bad by the time 2017 rolled around,” he says. In fact, he started noticing a decline in his hearing, especially understanding speech when any background noise competed with the speaker’s voice, about five years before he scheduled his first hearing diagnostic.

When asked what finally tipped the scales for being tested, Mr. Manning says it was a situation at work. “We had an important meeting one day, and after the meeting, I approached my boss and asked him a question that actually had been answered during the course of the meeting. I had missed it completely!” A little embarrassed at his slip and worrying that it could happen again, he decided to take control of his hearing loss. “My boss encouraged me to get my hearing tested, and a co-worker highly recommended Johnson Audiology, so I made an appointment and took the plunge.”

Three years and a million sweet sounds later, Mr. Manning says he would never go back. “I hear all of a conversation now rather than picking up bits and pieces and trying to knit the rest together. Plus, there are sounds like birdsong and wind through the trees that had just ceased to be a part of my everyday experience. Those seem like little things, but a lot of little things can really make life more enjoyable. My hearing aids have really enhanced my life!

Mr. Manning also says his wife appreciates the little changes in everyday life. “Things as simple as the volume on the TV can have an effect on your and your family’s life,” he relates. He chuckles and relates this story: “The very first day I came home with my new hearing aids, I turned on the TV and my wife asked me if I could hear it at the current volume. I said yes. She then proceeded to crank the volume up to the level where I had it the previous day before I got my hearing aids to show me the difference. It was so loud! It really made me realize what she had been dealing with because of my hearing loss.”

To those who are on the fence about getting their hearing tested, Mr. Manning says, “Just go for it. Get your hearing checked out. There’s no harm in just finding out and then you will have what you need to make an informed decision.”

He also goes on to say that the staff at Johnson Audiology are “top notch.” He continues, “From the front desk staff to the doctors of audiology to the check-out staff, I have found everyone to be sincerely concerned about the well-being of their patients. They are a caring, pleasant and happy group of folks and are always willing to help.”