Apple released its latest software update iOS 13 in September 2019 and, in this case, the update has proved disastrous. In many cases, Apple updates are automatic, which normally would not be an issue, but sadly this update has left many disgruntled users trying to work out how to fix the problems they are encountering.

The new features promised for Apple users that iOS 13 brought with it should have been a welcome update.  However, due to a number of bugs and glitches, the support forums for Apple and the social media platform Twitter were awash with thousands of complaints from angry iPhone users. The main issue being reported was the functionality of their Bluetooth connectivity.  The update meant that Apple products now require permission to connect to devices via Bluetooth. This means that users not only have to make sure their Bluetooth is turned on but they also have to grant permission to each app that needs to use Bluetooth.

Users have had issues connecting to car stereos and wireless headphones but the main concern for Johnson Audiology is that there are problems being reported of patients’ iPhones & tablets not properly connecting to their hearing aids.

Problems have been reported by people wanting to connect their phone to their car stereo and also for connecting their wireless headphones to their Apple device. It has also caused huge issues with hearing aid connectivity.  We assure you, you are not alone and that the issue does lie with Apple and not with the hearing aid itself. It seems the new update is incredibly glitchy and this is having a negative effect on hearing aid users.

There are a number of things you can do to solve the issue.  Please click here for instructions detailing how to reconnect your ReSound hearing aid to your Apple device.

We are so very sorry for any problems you are experiencing, ReSound has set-up a consumer hotline that you can call at 888-735-4237 for further help and advice.  Thanks to iOS 13 the lines may be a little busier than normal, so there is also the option to email them at [email protected]