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"My hearing has been restored, these folks at Johnson Audiology are amazing."
- David Kietzman
"I absolutely love my hearing aids"
- Jimmy Brown
"Dr. Laura Ford is amazing, she cares for her patients and it shows through her dedication to help me by offering plenty of time whenever i need to see her."
- Ann Martin
"I was frustrated by not being able to hear well. I had my hearing tested and was found to be functionally deaf in my right ear and below normal in my left. The ENT practice I went to prescribed a hearing aid for my deaf right ear. I was then even more frustrated because the amplification in my bad ear canceled my ability to understand what I was hearing in my almost normal ear. I went to Johnson audiology where I was tested and they immediately prescribed a "cross over" hearing aid. They gave me a loaner to test and my hearing improved dramatically. I have since gotten my own cross over hearing aid and am hearing things and understanding what people are saying, that I haven't been able to in years. The difference was Dr. Megan Johnson and Johnson Audiology. It all comes down to seeing the right audiologist."
- James Morgan
"Johnson Audiology changed my life and saved my job. I thought my supervisor was mad at me all the time because I couldn't hear him, he thought I was ignoring him on purpose. He didn't know that I had significant hearing loss. My hearing aids changed all that and helped me communicate better with everyone I work with. They have made a huge difference in my life and saved my job. I can't thank Dr. Megan Johnson enough for everything she has done for me."
- Jason Wright
"I don't believe anyone except for a doctor of audiology should be fitting hearing aids. That it why i only trust Dr. Megan Johnson and Johnson Audiology for all my hearing healthcare. I wouldn't waste my time going anywhere else."
- Dr. Barry Wagner
"This is the only hearing clinic I recommend to my friends and family members!"
- Prescilla Corvin
Dear Megan: You have changed our lives! Wanda and I are so excited with the new Phonak hearing aids you provided for our assessment. After losing my hearing in the right ear 3 years ago and with the continued deterioration in the left ear I felt the ability to hear in complex situations was lost forever. But this system has made a radical difference in my ability to function daily. I would not have believed the difference in the Crosslink capability versus the single hearing aid, even one of high quality. Recently I was facilitating a large work group in a large conference room and was able to hear all comments. This was not possible with a single hearing aid.
My hearing is much improved in all situations. I expected improvement but never expected such a significant improvement. I would highly recommend anyone who has unilateral hearing to utilize the system including the FM and Bluetooth components. The addition of these two components has significantly improved my ability to communicate and enjoy a variety of entertainment formats. From the clarity on the cell phone, ability to enjoy TV, music and to participate in group situations is remarkable. This total package provides a more holistic capability for me and as I stated above is changing our lives. Wanda stated I can never return to the single hearing aid!
So again, I want to say thank you for your professional capabilities and for taking the time to research the opportunities and to design a system to exceed my expectations. I have been able to go from working hard to hear, to enjoying what i am able to hear and therefore better interact with the environments i am in daily. If we can ever assist any of your patients who are considering this system, feel free to provide my contact information below. You have made such a difference in our lives I want to assist others whenever possible to improve their ability to function. You have raised my expectations for what an audiologist can provide to their clients.
Phil Brown
"My daughter has had hearing loss most of her adult life but needed the TLC that Johnson Audiology provided. She can't say enough good things about Dr. Megan Johnson and it has been joy to see her happier and hearing better thanks to your care!"
- Betty P.
"My daughter has had hearing loss most of her adult life but needed the TLC that Johnson Audiology provided. She can't say enough good things about Dr. Megan Johnson and it has been joy to see her happier and hearing better thanks to your care!I've had hearing aids for 20+ years and in that time I never realized how much they could truly help until Johnson Audiology. I've had numerous different brands over the years but I was still not able to hear very well. With my hearing aids from here I now can fully participate in family conversations that I have missed out on previously due to low quality hearing aids. The care and attention I have received from Megan Johnson and the staff make me feel like family. I greatly appreciate all they have done and the hearing I continue to enjoy every day."
- Ray T.
"My experience with Johnson Audiology has been so good that I would like to express my gratitude for their making me feel important and assured of their desire for me to have the best hearing possible. Their demeanor is always pleasant, offices beautiful, and the main thing is their competence is evident from their knowledge of hearing loss to the in depth and thorough hearing tests they perform."
- Willie P.
"I want to give the highest rating to Dr. Megan Johnson for such a thorough audiology exam. They were so kind and patient during our entire visit."
- William H.
"I had a wonderful experience with Johnson Audiology. So glad I got my new hearing aids. Dr. Ford and all the front office make you feel so comfortable with each visit. These hearing aids really make the world around you more enjoyable to hear. Thank You"
- Dorothy V.
"Good morning Dr. Johnson,
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your great service last month. Dr. Ford was very professional in explaining the types of hearing devices that might benefit me. Your receptionist is a keeper. She was very pleasant and has a bubbly personality. You also have a great personality and are very passionate about your job. I felt privileged that you were the audiologist who conducted my exam."
- Ben B.
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