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"Best Audiologist in Cartersville"
-Brigitte Cutshall
"I'm a proud patient of Johnson Audiology!"
- Edward Daniel
"Thank you Dr. Wade for helping me hear"
- Mary McGaughey
"I love my hearing aids!"
-Henry Turner
"I have been a patient of Johnson Audiology since Dr. Johnson first opened her location in Chattanooga in 2009. I drove 60 miles each way from Cartersville to be fitted every 3 months with my Lyric hearing aids. Once the Cartersville location opened in 2012, I now get my fittings closer to home with Dr. Anna Wade. She's fantastic and she's always happy to see me. All of the Docs at either location are fabulous! The staff is friendly and courteous and they give good, old fashioned customer service. You always talk to a live person when you call. I would never go anywhere else for my hearing aids. Johnson Audiology is the BEST of the BEST!"
- Kim Haney
Dear Megan: You have changed our lives! Wanda and I are so excited with the new Phonak hearing aids you provided for our assessment. After losing my hearing in the right ear 3 years ago and with the continued deterioration in the left ear I felt the ability to hear in complex situations was lost forever. But this system has made a radical difference in my ability to function daily. I would not have believed the difference in the Crosslink capability versus the single hearing aid, even one of high quality. Recently I was facilitating a large work group in a large conference room and was able to hear all comments. This was not possible with a single hearing aid.
My hearing is much improved in all situations. I expected improvement but never expected such a significant improvement. I would highly recommend anyone who has unilateral hearing to utilize the system including the FM and Bluetooth components. The addition of these two components has significantly improved my ability to communicate and enjoy a variety of entertainment formats. From the clarity on the cell phone, ability to enjoy TV, music and to participate in group situations is remarkable. This total package provides a more holistic capability for me and as I stated above is changing our lives. Wanda stated I can never return to the single hearing aid!
So again, I want to say thank you for your professional capabilities and for taking the time to research the opportunities and to design a system to exceed my expectations. I have been able to go from working hard to hear, to enjoying what i am able to hear and therefore better interact with the environments i am in daily. If we can ever assist any of your patients who are considering this system, feel free to provide my contact information below. You have made such a difference in our lives I want to assist others whenever possible to improve their ability to function. You have raised my expectations for what an audiologist can provide to their clients.
Phil Brown
"I was treated with respect. I was extremely pleased with my hearing aids and the service I received at Johnson Audiology in Cartersville, GA. I continue to enjoy them and I am so grateful to JA for making my experience positive.
I went to Johnson Audiology in February of this year. I was greeted by friendly staff and seated in an attractive and comfortable waiting room providing beverages and current reading material. Dr. Johnson discussed all my options for hearing aids, including pricing and insurance estimates. She was very thorough and unhurried. I felt I could make an informed decision after consulting with her. When my hearing aids arrived, she fitted them and programmed them to my ears. Again she took lots of time with me, explained all the hearing aid functions and answered all my questions. I have been back three times for scheduled check ups and to pick up free batteries (provided for one year). All my visits have been pleasant, friendly and professional. I would recommend this clinic without reservations."
- Priscilla Sullins
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, and very patient with my father, who is extremely hard of hearing!!"
- Joe McCrary
"Hello my name is Joseph T.,and I have to have hearing aids due to my hearing loss. Needing hearing aids is not something I wanted to think about, but the audiologists at Johnson Audiology were great and made the whole experience easy and worry free. I just want to thank the entire staff at Johnson Audiology for their time and patience in helping me with my hearing."
- Joseph T.
"The Lyric hearing devices have changed and improved my quality of life; I now realize all the things I was missing. With my Lyric I am able to hear the birds conversations and all the things taking place around me. I especially like the ease and comfort of being able to excercise, work, shower, and do all the things in a normal day without having to deal with a conventional hearing aid, and because it is invisible no one even knows I'm wearing one! The only down side to Lyric devices is that I cannot tell my wife I did not hear her anymore."
-Steve B.
"I had put off getting my hearing aids for quite some time. I thought they were going to be big, bulky and very uncomfortable. Wow! was I wrong. I did not realize what I had been missing by not having them until i was fit and started wearing them, the're also nearly invisible. Thanks, Johnson Audiology."
-Jerry B.
"I have been going to Johnson Audiology for approximately 2.5 years. They have always placed my needs very highly on their list. They are always very helpful, kind and courteous. The audiologists always takes time to address any hearing problems that i may have; they are never too busy to listen and try to solve your hearing problems. I recommend them to anyone. Go and meet them if you have any problems with your hearing; I think you will be very pleased with your choice!"
- Ronnie Y.
"Thank you Dr. Wade and staff of Johnson Audiology. You have opened a whole new world for me. I didn't realize all that I had been missing! It is wonderful to hear again!"
- Cathy N.
"I have had hearing loss for 20-30 years. Over the last 3.5 years, Dr. Megan Johnson has spent countless hours studying my case and trying different approaches to improve my quality of life by fitting me with the latest technology in hearing devices. I would recommend Johnson Audiology for their experience and patient concern. The staff of Johnson Audiology are very friendly, efficient and caring."
- Jerry M
"I lost all of the hearing in my right ear and could not even hear my wife sitting next to me in the car. The CROS hearing aid system has changed my life completely, it's a miracle! With Bluetooth technology I can listen to the Atlanta Braves in my yard or on the front porch, while the game is playing from inside. My wife recommends if you need hearing aids, you should certainly get them from Johnson Audiology!"
- David C.
"My thanks to Dr. Megan Johnson and her staff for solving my hearing problems. I had a lot of difficulty understanding people in a noisy environment. Megan was a tremendous help in finding the right hearing devices. I've been to many audiologists, but i did not get the services or care I received from Megan. I strongly recommend Megan Johnson and Johnson Audiology."
-Shelia J.
"I always thought I had some level of hearing loss I just did not know the extent of it. I would notice that I would ask for a statement to be repeated, that I did not quite understand the instructions, or that the joke that everybody was laughing at must have been funny but I did not catch it. The lack of hearing the details became a problem when I missed out on pertinent information from the boss! It was time to get my hearing tested! Once I discovered Johnson Audiology my frustration and anxiety disappeared. Often, I had to travel to their office in TN, 1½ hr from my home. The results were worth it but when they told me they were opening an office in Cartersville, GA, I was ecstatic! Now it only takes me 3 minutes to get to their office! The office is so convenient and the personal service is exceptional! Johnson Audiology has gone out of their way to fit me with the proper Hearing Aids. I tried three different styles of Hearing Aids until I chose the style that I was most comfortable with. Not only can I hear now, the Hearing Aids are deep within my ears so I can’t see them. I forget I have them in! My next visit, I am going to venture out and try the Lyric Hearing Aids. I'm excited to hear the difference! Thanks Johnson Audiology!"
- Karen Stinard
"Such a nice office! Everyone is very professional and pleasant. Dr. Wade is very knowledgeable in her field. She fitted my husband with Lyric hearing aids. They have allowed him to continue in his career as a physician and definitely improved his overall quality of life. This sure has helped MY quality of life, too! Dr. Wade goes out of her way to find a hearing product that is right for each patient. We are very pleased with her."
- Dr. Randy Harrison
"What an amazing office, staff, and team of doctors. They are very personable and take time to provide the best care. I would recommend their services to anyone because when you leave you know they have your best interests at heart."
- Sandy M.
"I can not thank Johnson Audiology enough for everything they have helped me with. I never knew I had a hearing issue. I was terrified. They made everything so much easier and helped me wipe my tears of joy! Thank you for helping me improve my life, even though I never realized I was missing anything!"
- Chelsea B.
"I had to see this group per my insurance. I dreaded driving from Rome but it was absolutely worth the drive! The whole office is warm and friendly and the doctor's are TOP NOTCH!! I highly recommend Johnson Audiology!!!"
- Ann Gidden
"Wonderful place, always friendly and accommodating. I would trust them with any family member."
- Brandon Griggs
"I've been using Megan Johnson's audiology services for a number of years and have been very pleased. I wouldn't be going back if I wasn't completely satisfied. She takes time and explains whats going on and what I can expect. It makes me feel good that she's not sugar coating anything. I highly recommend her to others. They always address my hearing loss needs. They've been able to get me hearing aids that have worked really well for my hearing loss."
- Richard S.
"Johnson Audiology is a full service hearing provider with a good product line selection. When calling, it is very fast and easy to secure an appointment to see an audiologist. Appointments are conducted quickly and efficiently with very little waiting time. In the past I have walked in with an emergency and was directed to an audiologist immediately. A very important and valuable service feature provided by Johnson Audiology is the opportunity to try different hearing aids and devices prior to purchase. This illustrates Johnson Audiology's commitment to their product line. I would wholeheartedly recommend Johnson Audiology to my family, friends and even strangers."
- James G.
"My initial consultation was with Dr. Megan Johnson. She discussed all my options and we settled on the Lyric product on a trial basis. The trial period was two weeks. I paid no deposit, no contract, no money at all. Just out the door with the hearing aids and an appointment to come back in two weeks. Upon returning after the free trial period, we decided to try another product, the Resound LiNX 761. Almost invisible to the naked eye, they are cosmetically perfect for me. Not only is my hearing issue solved, but my active lifestyle is not compromised. Dr. Johnson has me wearing the aids each waking hour with the exception of showering or swimming. I still can kayak, hike, run and play golf. As a matter of fact, I took my 13 year son to Universal and Busch Gardens in Florida over his fall break. We rode 23 roller coasters in three days. Not even one issue with the hearing aids ! Dr. Johnson linked my hearing aids to my iPhone and the Bluetooth hands free in my cars. They are amazing. I control the volume of my hearing aids from my phone. The iPhone app even has a GPS locator to find my hearing aids if I misplace them. I am a totally satisfied customer of Johnson audiology and the professional staff of three MDs who provided great knowledge, service and support. Before you commit to any hearing aid purchase, my strong suggestion is to stop their office in either Chattanooga or Cartersville and visit with these folks.
I was seeking a solution for my hearing loss issue which would cure my hearing loss and not inhibit my active lifestyle. I wanted an audiologist to address my issues, not a discount warehouse merely offering a product. I wanted a professional opinion and good service. I also desired the latest in technology to link with my IPhone and Bluetooth in my car. And I wanted a competitive price."
- Brian B.
"Works with me on my hearing aids and makes me feel as if I'm the only patient they have. Takes time to make sure things are right. Doctors and office staff are great! Went several places before I found them. I recommend them to everyone."
- R. Ellison
"I use an 'in the canal' hearing aid that has to be changed out when the battery dies. Megan Johnson worked with me to find a hearing aid that was appropriate and one that gave me the best results. I could not have asked for better service and treatment. During the past three or four years I have seen both of the other audiologists with a great experience as well. I could not be happier with the treatment, professionalism and knowledge that I have found with Johnson Audiology."
- Lucinda E.
"I called the office upon returning from a trip when I experienced difficulties with domes given me on my last visit that were just not working. Derek gave me the first available appointment for next week, but followed up by calling the doctor and reporting the details of my call. She called me about an hour later to say she would meet me at the office TODAY instead of having me wait until next week. She had several possible solutions ready for me and the first one worked beautifully! I am delighted with the way my hearing aid now fits, feels, and amplifies sounds without changing the quality!
This particular appointment was a follow-up on an appointment 3 weeks earlier. The doctor actually called me to meet her on her day off instead of waiting for the first available appointment in a week's time! The office is always punctual, courteous, and professional in every way. Dr. Johnson, and more recently, Dr. Wade have been patient and thorough in dealing with issues relating to my appliance. I recommend Johnson Audiology without reservation!"
- Judy F.
"Any time we have visited Johnson Audiology, we have had prompt and courteous staff and doctors."
- Betsy S.
"Dr. Wade was extremely patient and helpful through the entire process.."
- Robin M.
"What is the Sound of Music?
It's when an audiologist doesn't judge you for temporary circumstances, instead helps you get peace and quality of life back.It's when the moment she places the device over your ears and activates them and you want to cry due to calm and peace flows thru you, you hear sounds you haven't heard in years. Some stress is gone and some energy restores . You hear her smile as she talks to you as she sits across the desk and she sees happy and peace.
That's customer service"
- James W.
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